{Blog Tour | Book Review | Giveaway} THR RIFT UPRISING by Amy S. Foster

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{Blog Tour | Book Review | Giveaway} THR RIFT UPRISING by Amy S. Foster

{Blog Tour | Book Review | Giveaway} THR RIFT UPRISING by Amy S. FosterThe Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster
(Website, Goodreads)Series: The Rift Uprising #1
Published by HarperCollins Voyager on October 4th 2016
Genres: Adult, Dating & Sex, Love & Romance, Military & Wars, Science & Technology, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Amazon four-stars
The first book in the fast-paced action-adventure, The Rift Uprising trilogy—an enthralling mix of speculative fiction and military thriller—in which a young soldier comes to question the monsters she’s trained to fight against . . . and the monsters she fights for

Seventeen-year-old Ryn Whittaker is a Citadel: an elite, enhanced soldier specially chosen to guard a Rift, a mysterious and dangerous portal to alternate Earths scientists cannot control or close. Trained from the age of fourteen, Ryn can run faster, jump farther, and fight better than a Navy SEAL—which is good when you’re not sure if a laser-wielding Neanderthal or an axe-wielding Viking is trying to make it through the Rift and into her world.

But the teenager’s military conditioning and education have not prepared her for the boy who crosses through—a confused young man, seemingly lost and alone. Because while there’s an immediate physical attraction, it’s his intelligence and curiosity that throws Ryn off balance. The stranger asks disturbing questions about the Rift that Ryn herself has never considered—questions that lead her to wonder if everything about her life and what she’s been told these past six years has been a lie. Are the Rifts as dangerous as her leaders say? Should her people really try to close them . . . or learn how to travel through them?

Welcome to the year 2020! It sounds so close, being as it’s only four years away, but Foster changed our world a lot in those four years. Most importantly: The Rift. She had done her research in order to create a rip in the space-time continuum that made something like The Rift possible. It felt real, yet completely impossible. It was science fiction at its purest form. For lovers of the classics, this is a definite must on your list. Sure, there was technology, alien species, and using quantum physics to explain everything, but at its core it was a story of us—humans—and delved deeply into just how far we would go.

I’ll admit, there were moments that I didn’t like the MC, Ryn Whittaker. I think that happens with books such as this, however, because Ryn didn’t shy away from her humanity. Once she realized how marvelous and tenuous a thing it was, she grasped onto it will full force and didn’t let go. She lived in a world behind tinted glass, but once that world became clearer she started to think in a different way. The best parts of Ryn were when she could let herself be honest. She had gotten so good at lying to everyone that she had started to lie to herself, and it made for an interesting journey of self-discovery.

The romance with Ezra Massad did start off kind of fast, in an untraditional sense. They had an instant connection when he fell out of The Rift, but it became more of an obsession to Ryn. Being as the Citadels were not allowed to engage in any kind of physical contact as a result of attraction, her attraction to Ezra consumed her. She had never even kissed a boy, much less let herself think what it would be like to fall in love, even be in lust. The Blood Lust lurked in the corners of her mind and played a part in how she treated Ezra. Curiosity sprung their relationship, but it survived because of the weeks that followed. I didn’t like how it felt so love-at-first-sight cliché at the beginning, but I loved how they slowly fell for one another in a real sense later.

I expected a lot from the ending. I enjoy classic sci-fi, even though I don’t read a whole lot of it. The climax is crucial to how the rest of the story holds up in my mind. Ryn made some stupid decisions, which I can go easy on because that’s what humans do. If anything, her reaction was realistic, I suppose. Her temper and pride got in the way a lot, so her choices in the last few chapters reflected her character. However, I expected…more. The ending surprised me because it had this huge build up, then nothing. It kind of fizzled out. I get that this is the first in a trilogy, so I expected the ending to have a lot of loose ends, but come on. No. Just—no. I was flipping through the pages so fast toward the end, but wound up disappointed. At the same time, though, I have to know what happens next because of all those loose ends left flying in the air.

There’s no doubt that Amy S. Foster can write. While the MC is seventeen, this book would fit better in the adult genre. Not new adult, just adult. If you don’t like adult literature at all, then you might not enjoy this one. It didn’t have a YA feel because the characters didn’t act their ages most of the time. Sure, teenage hormones took over, but in a different kind of way. So, I’m sticking with this as an adult read.

Who doesn’t love the idea of aliens? And quantum physics? Throw in some suspense, a forbidden kiss that could lead to the death of the parties involved—the Blood Lust was no joke—and sci-fi at it’s purest, and The Rift Uprising is a book that you’ll enjoy while wondering about everyone around you and their ulterior motives. Sign me up for the next book, because I have to know what happens next.






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About Amy S. Foster

Amy S. Foster is a celebrated songwriter, best known as Michael Bublé’s writing partner. You might recognize her work in his four hit singles, including “Home” and “Haven’t Met You Yet.” She has also collaborated with Destiny’s Child, Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and a host of other artists. She is also the author of the novel When Autumn Leaves. When she’s not in a studio in Nashville, Amy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family. Amy is the daughter of singer B.J. Cook and the legendary music producer, David Foster. Fun fact about Amy: Her extended family tree includes Bella and Gigi Hadid, Sara and Erin Foster and Brody and Brandon Jenner, and Clay Aiken! The Rift Uprising, her YA debut, will be released on October 4, 2016.

4 Responses to “{Blog Tour | Book Review | Giveaway} THR RIFT UPRISING by Amy S. Foster”

  1. danielle hammelef

    Your review sold me on this book! Sometimes science fiction lets me down, but based on your excellent review today, this book won’t disappoint me or others who love science fiction.

  2. Nikki Johnstone

    I liked the synopsis of the book, then read your review. I’m not a huge fan of classic sci-fi, but that being said, I have read books that have a little sci-fi feel and I enjoyed them. I liked the idea that it was set so close to our current year, so not truly dystopian. I believe I’d probably like this book as something different to read. I do like many different genre’s.