{Release Day Blitz | Book Review | Excerpt | Giveaway} UNBREAKABLE by Kallie Ross

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{Release Day Blitz | Book Review | Excerpt | Giveaway} UNBREAKABLE by Kallie Ross

{Release Day Blitz | Book Review | Excerpt | Giveaway} UNBREAKABLE by Kallie RossUnbreakable by Kallie Ross
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Series: The Cupid Chronicles #1
on November 14th 2016
Genres: Coming of Age, Dating & Relationships, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology, Fantasy, Friendship, Greek & Roman, Love & Romance, Music, Romance, Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction
Format: eARC
Amazon three-stars
Dying for the love of your life...

Evelyn Bowden thought her story was over. Little did she realize, it had just begun.

The heavens made her a Cupid-- a supernatural with the rarest ability. One that allows her to pierce both mortals and immortals with arrows possessing everlasting love. But Evelyn soon discovers Cupids fight a battle in a long fought war.

A duty to protect the purest form of love…

As Evelyn embarks on her first mission, helping a Gargoyle find his true love, she is exposed to the blurred battle lines between light and darkness. While an unknown threat proves it’s willing to do anything to get their hands on Evelyn and her arrows, the heavens send Andel Lambros to help protect her. She finds herself at risk of being distracted by her former mentor, Andel, a stunning Cupid with dimples hard to ignore.

Missing her mark could lead to a supernatural war…

Having no idea how powerful she is, Evelyn is forced to put everything on the line as she balances the fate of the world on the tip of her arrow. But will love conquer all once she hits her mark, or will all be lost in the end?

If it’s got Cupid in it, I’m game. I love reading stories about love, obviously, and Cupid is the epitome of love. Well, Kallie Ross introduces readers to not just one cupid but a whole legion of them. Maybe legion isn’t the correct word because all these cupids want to do is make the world a better place: a place full of love. In the center of it all was Evelyn Bowden. Her story of love and helping others find love didn’t just mean mortals got a happily-ever-after, but the fairytale ending might extend to immortals.

Evelyn Bowden had an obsession with sugar. As a heavenly being, she couldn’t cuss, so every intended profanity that came out of her mouth was a sugary treat. It was entertaining and added a lot to her character. Also, because heavenly beings can’t cuss, and there were only a handful of mortals in the entire novel, it was a clean read and could easily extend to any age. It was easy to like Evelyn and laugh at and with her from time to time. I would have liked to have been inside her head more, as the book is told in third person, but I got a good read on what to expect from her. She had a big heart and an even bigger appetite and made me crave a brownie or ten.

Third person is such a tricky way to narrate a story. Either you get the characters or you don’t, since you’re not in their heads completely. I thought at the beginning that the entire story would be told in third person limited, with Evelyn as the focus, but it did switch to other characters, like Andel Lambros. I had trouble picking up which character was the focus every time the switch occurred. There were some idiosyncrasies, but the story made sense. I just would have liked for it to have been more distinct. However, I got a good feel of almost every character I met, so there was a deeper connection in some cases.

Andel and Evelyn had a strange relationship. It started as mentee-mentor and moved into friendship. The romance was not heavy, which sounds weird considering this was a book about cupids. They didn’t have a lot of time to concentrate on themselves when they were trying to save the world. However, there were moments when their attraction to each other seemed unprecedented. There is a novella before book one, and I’m going to read it to have a better understand of Evelyn, her life before death, and what she and Andel mean to each other. That being said, because I did not read the novella before diving in, I had some disconnect from the characters toward the beginning, even though past events were explained.

I liked Andel, though. He’s not at the top of my list of male leads, but he and Evelyn made an interesting pair. While I didn’t feel as connected to their romance as I had hoped, I wanted them to end up together. They were sweet. Andel got her addiction to all things sugar, and she understood his occasional uptight behavior. They clicked as friends, and I can’t wait to see how they continue their relationship.

The ending shocked me, partially because I still had over twenty percent left on my Kindle when “To be continued…” popped up. What will happen next? Where will this adventure lead them? A gargoyle searching for love, Roscoe, was too darn adorable, and the suspense that shaded the e-Harmony supernatural edition that was going on kept things light and interesting. I love love, and what better way to celebrate than with a sugar-obsessed millennial with a job to make that happen?



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“Don’t make this all about you.” Evelyn shoved another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. “Don’ ge meh wrong, ihithabouoo. Buh—” Swallowing down her bite, Evelyn squinted her eyes shut and placed a hand on her temple. “Brain freeze,” she explained, standing and walking to the kitchen.

Andel’s head tilted to one side as he watched her throw the empty cardboard container away. Roscoe would be showing up for his dating lesson soon, and Evelyn needed to compartmentalize so she didn’t end up taking her frustration out on the Gargoyles.

“I’m sorry, Evelyn. Whatever I’ve done to upset you, please forgive me.”

Her spoon clanged in the sink, “How about I’ll forgive you if you tell me what you did wrong?” Evelyn made her way back to the couch, laying herself across the cushions like she needed therapy.

“I’m fairly sure you are upset I scheduled dinner with Jane and Kendrick during Roscoe’s first date.”

Keeping her composure, Evelyn looked Andel square in the eye and told him, “You’re danish right, I’m upset.”

Her pastry slip was proof enough of her anger, but she’d remained in control of her volume. Andel hadn’t asked Evelyn what she wanted to do during Roscoe and Sydney’s date. And after her surprise visit from Kalan, her nerves were fried. Evelyn wanted to be able to make the call for herself as far as where she’d be tomorrow night. She also wanted to decide for herself if she’d give the fairies her arrows. Maybe she’d keep her run-in with Kalan to herself for now.

“I’ll call Jane now and cancel the dinner.”

“You have her number?” Evelyn sat up and narrowed her eyes. She shook her head, clearing it. Why should Andel having Jane’s number matter? “No. Don’t cancel it. It was hard enough to convince her to come in the first place.”

“Are you sure?”

Knock, knock.

“Yes,” Evelyn grumbled as she went to answer the door. Roscoe’s arrival would at least keep Andel from asking any more questions. She could tell he had picked up that something else was bothering her, but luckily, she had planned Roscoe’s dating lessons for after work.

As Roscoe and Leo entered the apartment, Andel made himself scarce and took a seat in a chair at the edge of the room. Roscoe wore snappy attire, including a bowtie, while Leo had pushed the sleeves of his Henley up to his elbows. The two were complete opposites. Leo had made himself comfortable on the couch, and Roscoe stood at the window waiting for instructions.

“I’m glad you came, Leo. I may need your help tomorrow night.” Evelyn stood next to Roscoe. “You’ll be on awkward-moment patrol.” She patted Roscoe’s shoulder. “Now that I think about it, this will be perfect. You can circle overhead and stay out of sight, but if Roscoe needs help, you can run interference.” Leo’s eyes widened in excitement. “Not literally, but, you have super-hearing, right?”

Leo nodded.

“If you hear or see anything going wrong, you can come get me.”

A grin spread over Leo’s face. “Considering who we’re talking about here,” Leo waved in Roscoe’s direction. “What constitutes wrong?”

“We’ll work on identifying that as we go, so pay attention.” Evelyn faced Roscoe and reached up, tucking a piece of his curly hair behind his ear, but Roscoe flinched.

“Relax.” Evelyn stepped closer. “You’re going to have to get used to being close to Sydney. If she’s like every other girl on the planet, she’ll want you to hold her hand and put your arm around her.”

Evelyn let her arm brush against Roscoe’s. He sucked in air but didn’t budge. He froze. Evelyn couldn’t let Roscoe fail. She had started to like him. She wanted him to find love. She wanted Sydney to find love, too, and if it happened to be with Roscoe, then, bonus. She’d do everything in her power to help them have the chance they deserved.

Roscoe relaxed his fists at his sides. “Okay, I’ll work on that.”

“Good.” Evelyn ran her finger slowly down Roscoe’s arm. “How about we start with the end of the date, then?”

Leo whistled, and in the corner of Evelyn’s vision, she noticed Andel shift in his chair. She wasn’t really going to do anything, but if Roscoe had really loosened up, he wouldn’t curl up into the fetal position when they addressed a good night kiss.





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Evelyn Bowden, at nineteen, sacrificed herself for the love of her life. Her act inspired the heavens to deem her immortal as a Cupid. Piercing two hearts with true love takes more than a bow and some arrows. That’s where AndelLambros comes in, he’s a handsome, experienced Cupid in charge of her training. While trying to prove herself worthy, Evelyn is challenged to deliver her first arrow, let go of her first love, and trust her mentor with her existence.



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