{Book Review} THE SECRET LIFE OF A DREAM GIRL by Tracy Deebs

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{Book Review} THE SECRET LIFE OF A DREAM GIRL by Tracy DeebsThe Secret Life of a Dream Girl by Tracy Deebs
Series: Creative HeArts #4
Published by Entangled Teen, Entangled Teen Crush on June 27th 2016
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Dating & Relationships, Dating & Sex, Love & Romance, Performing Arts, Romance, Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 219
Format: eARC
Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, references to drinking and drugs, and a kiss so steamy it’ll fog up your ereader.

Hiding in plain sight is harder than it looks…

Dahlia Greene—aka international pop superstar Cherry—is undercover as a normal high school student. She just wants to experience what real life is like, so when she overhears hottie Keegan Matthews nervously talking about liking a girl, she sees the perfect opportunity to live a real life and play a little matchmaker. What was not part of the plan was falling for a guy she can never tell the truth.

Keegan Matthews has been secretly crushing on Dahlia ever since she started at his school. Sure, Dahlia thinks he’s crushing on some other girl—not realizing his Dream Girl is actually her—but he figures, play along with her tips to woo someone else, let her get to know him, and then make his move. But with so many secrets in the mix, their romance is doomed from the start…

Dahlia and Keegan, Book 1 of 3
Dahlia and Keegan Book 2 coming March 2017

Raise your hand if you were addicted to Hannah Montana in the mid-2000s. I’m guilty of falling prey to the charms of a rockstar living a normal life and getting on stage in front of thousands of fans on the weekends. The Secret Life of a Dream Girl was like Hannah Montana except way better. Dahlia Greene left her life as Cherry, Disney star turned pop princess, to live her last year of high school as her flannel-wearing, faux brown-eyed alter ego. Not only did she want to stay under the radar, she also wanted to slide by without attachments—but you know high school, it never goes as we planned.

I have not read every book in the Creative HeArts series, but the other one that I have gotten my hands on, How Willa Got Her Groove Back, entertained and kept me wanting more. These books can be read as standalones, but whenever Finn was around, I kept on reminiscing on the scenes from his and Willa’s book. Even though a different author writes each couple’s story, each goes back and explains enough from the other books so that reading them out of sequence works, too. That being said, I need to go back and read the other two books in the series that I haven’t read yet.

Dahlia desired to be true to herself. I really liked her character and easily connected with her. There were moments that I wanted to shake some sense into her when it came to Keegan Matthews, but I also saw where she was coming from. I didn’t learn much about Dahlia as Cherry, other than how Dahlia didn’t like that version of herself that much. She liked the girl that could blend in with the crowd and write songs she was passionate about. I’m interested to see how she progresses as the series continues, especially if Dahlia as Cherry makes an appearance.

I have a knack for diving into a book when I have really no idea what it’s about. It’s a common occurrence with anything I read by Entangled Teen because I know that the heartfelt and swoonworthy romance will not disappoint. When Dahlia saw Keegan at the dance, I had no idea that he was going to be the guy that would steal her heart. She really did want to stay in the shadows. When I met Keegan and learned about the crush he had been nursing for her since he saw her on the first day, I instantly loved him. Not only did he have a charming personality, his relationship with his dad and the guy that I would have never expected, really stole the show.

The tension in their relationship was palpable. I kept on waiting for Dahlia to figure out that she was the one that Keegan kept talking about, and I wanted Keegan to understand why she pulled away from him when he got closer. Waiting for that kiss drove me insane, but it did not disappoint. Kisses like that is what reading romance is all about.

Not only does The Secret Life of a Dream Girl have characters that I already loved, I got to meet two more that stole my heart and can’t wait for March 2017 for more of their story. I’m seriously debating impulse buying a plane ticket to Austin.

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