{Podcast Episode #33} A Casual Conversation with Daryl Janney + Giveaway

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{Podcast Episode #33}  A Casual Conversation with  Daryl Janney + Giveaway

{Podcast Episode #33}  A Casual Conversation with  Daryl Janney + Giveawayby Daryl Janney
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1982, the Golden Age of modeling…New York City, the fashion capital of the world. A nineteen year old boy leaves a small Midwestern College on his nineteenth birthday…not in search of fame or riches, but in search of a way out of his dead end life. Hoping to beat the odds and become a model and earn money to go to a better school and have a chance at a better life. Fiercely determined and armed only with a skeptical mind and a tireless work ethic, he heads to the Big Apple. This is his story; from his deepest thoughts to his piercing observations of the world that he lives in. Based on a true story, Daryl’s beautiful and descriptive prose will allow you to see, hear and feel his world as if you are there. Nineteen is not a story that you have heard before, and it is not a story that you will ever forget.

With the hustle and bustle of Book Expo America and the endless lines and streams of people waiting to meet authors, I became acquainted with so many new authors and Daryl Janney was one of them.  A work of fiction, based on a true story, Nineteen is definitely, unlike anything you have read before.  Listen as we hear Daryl’s insight and vision behind his novel, Nineteen.  Enjoy!


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About Daryl Janney

Daryl Janney is a married writer and father of seven children. He currently lives in Connecticut. He was born November 21, 1962 in Moorestown, NJ. His family moved to Illinois when he was three years old. At 17 he left home to attend Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL. Daryl left college in the fall of his sophomore year and headed to New York City. After two years working as a professional model he returned to school at Boston University and obtained a degree in English literature with Distinction. Daryl has worked as a carpenter and contractor for the past 25 years. He spends his time with his beautiful wife watching his children grow up (much too fast!). He spends his remaining time writing, reading and sleeping. He is currently writing a sequel to Nineteen as well as a book of short stories.

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