{Podcast} Episode 03: A Casual Conversation with Author Melinda Long

» 3 March, 2014 » Podcast » 3 comments

In our Episode 03 Podcast, we were able to interview the talented Melinda Long, author of children’s books like How I Became a Pirate,  Pirates Don’t Change Diapers,  and Hiccup Snickup.  This was truly a heartfelt and casual conversation about her books, the illustrations, and the stage adaptation of her book.  We also share some of our personal experiences with Melinda Long’s books. We know this is one episode that you won’t soon forget! Enjoy! P.S.  Please go follow the links on the pics below and rate us on iTunes if you enjoyed the podcast.


3 Responses to “{Podcast} Episode 03: A Casual Conversation with Author Melinda Long”

  1. Jon Eric Preston

    Thank you for having Melinda Long as your guest! What a gift to hear her tell the story about her grandmother and “Hiccup Snickup”. Looks like I have to add a few to our collection now to keep “How I Became a Pirate” and Pirates Don’t Change Diapers” company as well. Great question about how did she and David Shannon meet; was not expecting the response she gave at all.”

    As a technical note, the opening music levels need to come down a bit. They over power your intro.

    Jon Eric Preston

    • A Leisure Moment

      Thank you so much for the feedback Jon. It has truly been a learning experience with the whole concept of podcasting. In each episode I believe we learn something new for the next time. And it’s feedback like yours, that helps us strive for better. Not sure if you have ever done any audio book work. If so we would love to have you as a guest… :)