{A Leisure Moment With Moriah} SwoonReads and PANNED

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{A Leisure Moment With Moriah} SwoonReads and PANNED
Sixteen-year-old Maggie is trying to make the best of her lot, but life without her dad is wearing thin, especially when her little sister asks when he’s coming back. Then Maggie is taken in the middle of the night, and everything she thought she knew changes. She wakes up on a desolate beach, covered in sand. Her captor is a gorgeous boy named Peter—as in Pan. She soon learns she’s in Neverland, and Peter doesn’t give her much choice but to help him.

Maggie doesn’t believe, and she’s not interested in helping someone she’s convinced is insane. She’ll do anything to make it back home to her family, even if it means traveling though Neverland alone. When a snarky and mysterious boy named Christian comes to her rescue, she thinks he might be able to help her get home—but nothing in Neverland is that simple.

Panned has a new cover! As many of you know, I submitted my manuscript entitled Panned, a modern day Peter Pan story, to SwoonReads in January. While I was not chosen for Season 7, I have resubmitted for Season 8 with a more edited version, as well as a new cover design! What do you all think? Do you like the new cover? (Comment and tell me what you think!)

If you haven’t read Panned yet, you can find it here.

Thank you to everyone that has already read Panned and for all your kind words. I hope Maggie’s journey made a difference to you in some way or another.

For those who haven’t read Panned, I thought I’d give you a quick run down of some of the characters – three to be exact: Maggie (the heroine), Peter (as in Pan), and Christian (the one that doesn’t quite fit).

Ah, Maggie. The heroine of the story. She’s feisty and a tad sarcastic, and she’s not afraid to throw a punch if her family is on the line. I wanted to shape her into a character that made people laugh and cheer, a strong lead that was determined to keep her head on straight when her world was upside down.


Siren Lake


Who didn’t have dreams of marrying Jeremy Sumpter when they watched Peter Pan for the first time? If you’ve seen him in his older years, he’s still something to look at. I loved the idea of having Peter be older so it was completely logical for me to fall in love with him. Here are three things that I think are important or different about my Peter Pan.

  1. His eyes are heterochromatic. One is brown, the other green. This seems insignificant, but it’s one of the first things that Maggie notices about her captor. I enjoyed playing with the possibility since I don’t think I know anyone with such distinctively different eyes.
  2. His side of the story is told in third person. When I started writing Peter’s side of things, he immediately came across as a character that would hold back. He hides things from Maggie, and third person seemed like the perfect way to not take all the mystery away from him (he surprised even me sometimes).
  3. He’s kind of a jerk. When you first meet Peter, he’s callous and rude. He has a soft heart, though, and will do anything to protect Maggie.


This is a Kiss - fix


Christian kept on showing up at random times, in my head, in the story, and basically anywhere. He demanded to be made part of this story, and the more I wrote, the more I wanted more of him. He has a thick accent and startling blue eyes, wild black hair, and it’s difficult to pinpoint whose side he’s on sometimes.


Pirate Ship



Here’s what some SwoonReads readers are saying about Panned:

“I was addicted from the beginning, it was amazing.” ~BreannaMae

“One word to describe [this] book: Engaging.” ~ronsharonron

“I wasn’t about to go to bed tonight without finishing it.” ~J.J. Hill, author of The Sacred Flame

“A crumbling, creepy, yet still whimsical fantasy world, the familiar characters in a new light, and elements of magic.” ~Books And Tea Is All You Need

“This is a really fun spin off of all the Peter Pan stories out there, whether in print or film.” ~Angie Taylor, author of Twists in Time

*Click on the links above for the authors’ books that enjoyed Panned! Being part of the SwoonReads community has been such an experience, and I’ve met wonderful people and other aspiring authors!*

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    This sounds amazing, Moriah, and I love the cover. So exciting for you! I’ll have to check it out:)