{Monday Musings With Moriah #7} We Need More

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{Monday Musings With Moriah #7} We Need More

We all have shows that we love, and we’ve all been through the trauma of that show being canceled. Here are a few shows that were canceled that need another season.


Lie to Me

I loved this show. It doesn’t get much better than a guy that can catch criminals by reading their emotions. He was sarcastic and witty, all the wonderful things that a good show should have in a main character, and I didn’t like to see him go. I’m a sucker for crime shows in general, and this one had a devoted fan in me.



Helooooooooo! It’s Firefly! Yes, I know they made a movie, but come on – who doesn’t want more of Serenity and Mal? It’s sci-fi and humor all in one swoop.

You can’t take the sky from me…even if you did take the show.


The Secret Circle

Okay, okay, I’ll admit: it wasn’t the best, but I did watch it every week. There are plenty of shows that I will never understand how they made it (*cough, cough* The Office – nope, totally not a fan of that one; sorry). I want more of this show because I loved the books so much and want to see what others think about the ending! (Which, by the way – thanks a ton, L.J. Smith! – had no closure, and I’m a stickler and won’t read the new books. Nineties all the way!)


The Messengers

One season was not enough. That cliffhanger? Not even right. My mom and I found this show on Netflix and were kind of addicted, as in we binged the entire thing in two days. For us, that’s amazing. And here I am complaining about how The Secret Circle had no closure. Just watch this one and find out what “no closure” really means. (What’s not to love about a show where you can jokingly call the actor who plays the devil “Handsome Devil?”)


A Gifted Man

This show was amazing! A talented neurologist gets a second chance at life, but there’s something special about him that he can’t quite figure out. Oh, and did I mention that he keeps seeing his dead ex-wife? I was aghast when I realized this show wasn’t coming back! Another cliffhanger – I mean, come on.


What shows were you sad to see go, and what characters do you want more of?

As always, having a wonderful Monday, everyone!



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6 Responses to “{Monday Musings With Moriah #7} We Need More”

    • Moriah

      Yes! I wanted to know what happened next! They change shows so much from the book that it’s like watching something completely different with characters second cousins playing them. Lol

  1. Wendy @ Birdie Bookworm

    Twisted on what was ABC Family! I also loved the short lived Mercy, and there was a show called Reunion that was a murder mystery, canceled halfway through with no closure at all. (And of course Firefly, but you already covered that. :)

  2. Lola

    I’ve only seen Firefly from these ones. And I would’ve liked more seasons, although I also liked how they did end the show. Skimmed through the movie and didn’t like that one at all as I felt it didn’t have the same feel as the series. But the series was great!

    • Moriah

      I haven’t watched the movie yet. I’ll get to it (haha), but it’s just not the same, I have a feeling. :(