{Monday Musings With Moriah #6} Fall, Football, and Forehead Kisses

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{Monday Musings With Moriah #6} Fall, Football, and Forehead Kisses


Ah…Fall. It’s almost here! I’ve already had something pumpkin spice and am not ashamed to admit it. Where I’m from, when fall comes, football follows. When I think fall and football, I think of some of my favorite books that I’ve read – all of these happen to be books that I’ve read this year! And…who doesn’t love a good forehead kiss, yeah? There’s just something about the crisp smell of a bonfire and the crunch of leaves under boots, sweater weather and mugs of something with cinnamon that make those better, too.


Miranda Kenneally said it best: “I once read that football was invented so people wouldn’t notice summer ending. But I couldn’t wait for summer vacation to end. I couldn’t wait for football. Football, dominator of fall—football, love of my life.”

I was not that into football, and actually don’t understand much of what’s going on, but there’s something about watching a game that means fall in South Carolina to me. Catching Jordan happens to have all three of the things I’m talking about today: fall, football, and forehead kisses. With a main character that plays football better than the boys and a romance that kept me flipping  through the pages, this is a book I highly recommend you pair with a drink toppled high with whipped cream and smelling of cinnamon.



“I kiss his forehead. ‘You are a wimpy idiot. But…I still love you.’
‘I love you too, Woods.'”

“Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. To get something better, you know?”

^^My favorite quote in the entire book!!!

“’Dad told me that even if you’re meant to be with someone, that doesn’t mean you necessarily get to be with them. But sometimes? Maybe you do. I guess we’ll find out.'”


Read my review of Catching Jordan here.




Another book that I’ve already devoured this year is The Hard Count by Ginger Scott! I recommend it to everyone as many times as I can for it to be normal. It has heart, discusses diversity, and a love story that you’ll devour.



“I tug the band loose and let my hair fall down before sweeping it back up and into a knot again. When I look back to Nico, his expression is softer, and I like that he watched me do that. Maybe that’s why I let my hair down – to see if he’d notice.”

“We do things in life to make others happy. We make sacrifices because that feeling—the one I once thought was altruism, but have since learned is just love—it makes us feel good. We give, but it’s never selfless.”

“’Make me earn it,’ he says, pausing again to take my top lip between both of his. ‘I’ll earn it. I’ll never stop trying to earn it…to earn you.’”

Eeep! Can I read it again? Read my review here.




I’m cheating a tad bit by adding this book, but…it’s too good not to! It technically takes place in the summer, hence the title: The Summer Before Forever. Landon Jacobs lives and breathes football, but his disability hinders (or so he has convinced himself) from going any further than high school. He’s going to college on a wrestling scholarship, but his heart belongs to football. This is a romance, it does include some swoony kisses – the romantic, the sweet, and the life changing – but it’s also about Landon finding himself. Football is what he loves, and I love Landon.


“I open the trunk and start gathering our bags.

‘Cute,’ Jenna says.

I glance at the house next door. ‘Yeah, you won’t find lavender houses in Cliff Ridge.’

‘Not the house,’ Jenna says out of the corner of her mouth.

‘Let me get that.’

I look up to put a face with the unfamiliar male voice. Holy Zac Efron. Who in the… Oh no. I bet this is—

‘Hey.’ He grins at Jenna. ‘Which one of you is my new little sister?’

Jenna’s eyes go wide and she elbows me in the side. ‘Thank God not me.’

Great. Just…great.

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Last, but certainly not least, the book that I read in just a few short hours: Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines! I haven’t read the sequel yet, but if it’s anything like this lovely story, then it’s going to be good! West Ashby…bestill my beating heart! I have a shirt with his name on it, literally. He and Maggie Carlton have a sweet, secret romance that kept me itching for more. Football, fall, and love in the most unexpected places – this book fits perfectly in today’s post!



“‘Now, could you maybe get some clothes on? That’s uh . . . distracting.’
‘You do know you came into my room uninvited, right? If I had known you were coming, I’d have been dressed.’
He smirked. ‘I texted you.’
‘I was in the shower.’
‘Minor detail.’”

“‘My girl. My…jersey.'”

“Keeping quiet is how I survived.”

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I’m still mourning the loss of One Tree Hill, so…


Nathan Scott goes with everything.

Have a lovely Monday, everyone!

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