{A Leisure Moment} Monday Musings with Moriah #1

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{A Leisure Moment} Monday Musings with Moriah #1

Welcome to the first Monday Musings with Moriah, in which I discuss books that I love, books I think need more love, what I’m watching on Netflix or Hulu, or other things to try and help all of you out there in the fandom universe have a better Monday! It’s random, it’s fan-girlish, and it’s an attempt to make the day brighter!

The summer is almost over, and I’ve ended it on a high note: finishing all nine seasons of One Tree Hill. I have so many mixed emotions – and it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ve finished them all. It was traumatic.

I’m pretty sure everyone who has seen this show fell in love with Nathan Scott.  I mean, look at him! James Lafferty is just gorgeous. Since I’ve now seen all nine seasons (insert obsessive crying), here are a few reasons why I love Nathan Scott and the famous Naley. If you haven’t seen the show, here are a few reasons why you should binge it immediately.


Nathan started out as the bad guy, the bad boy that we all swooned over. Dark hair, blue eyes, and that cocky attitude to hide his broken soul. Mhmm. It’s grounds for an obsession. But he changed when he got his tutor girl, and this was the moment that we all thought, “I want a Nathan Scott!”




That was only the beginning of Naley, and it got even better. Nathan respected Haley. We saw a different side to the guy that we met in episode one. He had a lot of growing to do, but it took a lot for him to apologize to her, much less admit that she was his Always and Forever.

Their first kiss is a perfect example!



Naley went through some rough patches in their relationship at the beginning. They were juniors in high school and already married! (We just knew they’d last for a lifetime!) Then there was this moment, and we all just couldn’t even: when Haley saw that he was still wearing his wedding ring on a chain, even though she had basically bludgeoned his heart with a hammer.




Then when Haley got pregnant, he took it in stride, even giving up an offer to play basketball at Duke if it wasn’t what was best for his family!




He knew Haley better than Haley knew Haley.




After the show skipped ahead four years, we all got to meet the adorable James Lucas Scott. The Scotts weren’t at their best, but like Naley always did, they pulled through. Jamie had his own story to tell in the background of his parent’s love story, and Nathan proved to be an amazing dad. Even wearing a cape to preschool – because that’s what all professional basketball players do. Duh.




When Haley went through her depression, Nathan never gave up on her. He cared for her and loved her, even when all she wanted was to be alone and to ignore the entire world. Once again, he showed us just how strong he was.




How could anyone forget the kissing in the rain? And we thought The Notebook got it right. No, Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott did.




Mint. Chocolate. Chip. Ice. Cream. I’m a huge lover of all things mint chocolate, so when Haley was reminiscing on a special moment between them and he told her the only reason he ordered mint chocolate chip was because it was her favorite? I died.



I love Nathan and Haley. I love Naley. I swooned, I gasped, I might have even shouted at the television a few times when it concerned my favorite couple. Their relationship at the beginning, when they had nothing but each other and unfettered hope for their marriage to work, will always be my favorite. I’m debating rewatching the first four seasons purely for that reason. You want relationship goals? I give you Nathan and Haley Scott!


Have a glorious Monday, everyone!




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