{Monday Musings With Moriah #8} On Repeat…Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

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{Monday Musings With Moriah #8} On Repeat…Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


Happy Monday, all! Today, I’m talking my favorite romance movies, whether a comedy, from Hallmark, or wherever else that might include. Don’t you love romance? I know I do! Here’s the movies that I could watch on repeat and never grow tired of.


1. The Princess Bride

Need I explain this one? I don’t think it’s necessary, but I will. I’ve actually read the book that this movie is modeled after and loved it. It took my no time to speed through Buttercup and Wesley’s story, and I never get tired of this movie. I make everyone I friend watch it with me at least once (even all of my exes have had to suffer through it 😉 ).


2. Loving Leah

This movie is so darn adorable. A devout Jewish woman, Leah, is married to a Rabbi, who dies unexpectedly. By old Jewish customs, his brother, who is not devout, is supposed to marry her. It’s an old custom, but they have to go through the pains of a ceremony – only when the ceremony takes place, Jake decides that he’d rather marry her than ignore “his brother’s existence.” Thus begins their story of finding love and each other.


3. Remember Sunday

Ahhh. This one. Seriously. A physicist loses the ability to transfer short term memory to long term memory after an accident a few years ago, waking up thinking he’s in a different city and still living his old life every morning. Then he meets Molly, a waitress and business school student just trying to open her own flower shop. Gus can’t remember Molly when he wakes up, but Molly remembers him. He tries to hide his problem from her, as they start to fall in love, but it’s impossible. Their story is tragic and a must-see for anyone who loves sitting on the edge of their seat and crying for, well, the entire movie. It also has Alexis Bledel in it, which makes it an automatic winner.


4. The Sound of Music

It doesn’t get much better than this classic with Julie Andrews. I was saddened to hear that the woman who played Leisel passed just recently. My mom and I used to – and still do – watch this movie on New Year’s Eve. Instead of watching the ball drop, we escaped to Nazi Germany at the brink of war and sang Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do. 


5. In My Dreams

This is another Hallmark movie that bestills my beating heart. Natalie and Nick are both going through a difficult time, so on a whim, each makes a wish in the fountain at the park nearby. Neither expects anything magically to happen, especially the old wives’ tale of dreaming of your true love after making a wish. Until they start dreaming of one another. They now have five days to find their one true love or lose them forever.



6. 13 Going on 30

The 80s is transported to the early 2000s when Jenna Rink wishes on her 13th birthday that she was “flirty, thirty, and thriving!” When she finds herself in Manhattan, the editor of her favorite magazine at the age of thirteen, she’s thrilled! Life as a thirty-year-old still stuck in the 80s is not what she imagined, and she’s starting to think that her choices to get to where she is, weren’t the right ones. And don’t even get me started on Mark Ruffalo. *swoon* (even if he is too old for me)





Those of the few movies that I can think of that I’ve loved and don’t mind watching over and over again!

What movies do you have on repeat?

Have a wonderful Monday and rest of your week!



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2 Responses to “{Monday Musings With Moriah #8} On Repeat…Repeat, Repeat, Repeat”

    • Moriah

      I haven’t seen Notting Hill or Just Like Heaven, but 27 Dresses and 50 First Dates are wonderful, too! 🙂