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MidWeekMomentWhat do you get when the grass begins to grow and the dogwood trees begin to bloom showcasing their beautiful white flowers?  You get signs that spring is here.  You may even be like me and have a few attacks of a runny a nose and endless sneezing.  But that’s ok, because in the end, good times are coming.  Leisure moments of outside reading, which is one of favorite places to be (when the pollen count isn’t high) is a must.

As a former middle school teacher, I always used photos to inspire my students in writing. My friend Michael Shaffer always provided wonderful pictures of the places that he visited while serving our country.  Which I in turn, rushed to share with my students.  Providing meaningful writing experiences with real pictures that captured so many different mediums and focuses.  So from time to time, not only will we share our love for literature through reviews and casual conversations, but we will also share our love for amazing photos that tell a story, any story, maybe even your story.  Michael finds a gem in every leisure moment.

Capture Although I’m not an outdoors type of girl, I could truly picture the enjoyment of sitting in a boat (a kayak is pictured here) enjoy my darling hubby rowing (anybody thinking about the scene in The Notebook) and enjoy one of my favorite books in hand.  Another great picture by Michael.  Another leisure moment to hold on to.  See what great pictures do to me! Until next time…


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Sylo By D.J. MacHale

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