{Book Review} FORGET ME ALWAYS by Sara Wolf

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{Book Review} FORGET ME ALWAYS by Sara WolfForget Me Always by Sara Wolf
(Website, Twitter, Goodreads)Series: Lovely Vicious #2
Published by Entangled Teen on November 1st 2016
Genres: Coming of Age, Contemporary, Dating & Relationships, Dating & Sex, Death & Dying, Family, Love & Romance, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction
Pages: 271
Format: Paperback
Amazon four-half-stars
All warfare is deception. Even in high school.

It’s been three years, twenty-five weeks, and five days since Isis Blake fell in love, and if she has it her way, it’ll stretch into infinity. Since then, she’s punched Jack Hunter—
her nemesis-turned-maybe-something-more—in the face, survived a brutal attack by her mom’s abusive ex thanks to Jack’s heroics, and then promptly forgotten all about him.

The one bright spot for Isis is Sophia, the ephemeral girl who shares Isis’s hospital stay as well as a murky past with Jack. But as Isis’s memories return, she finds it harder and
harder to resist what she felt for Jack, and Jack finds it impossible to stay away from the only girl who’s ever melted the ice around his heart.

As the dark secrets surrounding Sophia emerge, Isis realizes Jack isn’t who she thought he was. He’s dangerous. But when Isis starts receiving terrifying emails from an
anonymous source, that danger might be the only thing protecting her from something far more threatening.

Her past.

Sara Wolf has done it again, delivered a sarcastic and witty tale glittered with mystery and darkness.

In Forget Me Always, it had been three weeks since Leo had attacked Isis and her mother and three weeks since she had forgotten Jack Hunter. I felt so sorry for Jack. He was distant and arrogant, but he had a heart—a heart he was willing to give to Isis Blake. His voice changed a little from the guy that had a few scenes here and there to tell in Love Me Never. What happened with Isis in book one and the events of book two made him a different Jack, a more understandable Jack. I liked his character in book one because of the aloof quality that begged for readers to wonder who and what Jack Hunter was—just the Ice Prince of East Summit High or a guy with an actual heart? In this book, however, I knew who he was, or thought I did, and the secrets of the past could only stay secrets for so long.

Isis had been spending all of her time in the hospital for the three weeks after the accident and had met and befriended Sophia, the one and only. I hate to say it, especially since she was terminally ill, but I did not like her—at all. Isis surprised me with how reluctant she was to let their friendship die and held on like a champ. I didn’t understand the relationship that Jack and Sophia had, other than one comprised and built on guilt, so it made since the way Jack responded to her being in the hospital. In a way, Jack’s life stood still because of Sophia, but he also moved forward with Isis. She was a needed character, albeit a selfish character.

Isis grew a lot in this book. While she got on my nerves in the first book (in a good kind of way…I think), she acted more mature in this one. She still talked to herself and talked out loud when it was supposed to remain inner dialogue, but she thought things out more. Leo’s attack and meeting Sophie had a huge impact on her character, and I liked her more. She was still the Isis Blake that Jack Hunter had fallen for, and her jokes were ridiculous as ever, but there was a noticeable change in her demeanor.

I couldn’t wait to snatch this book up, even going to the bookstore on release day and finding a copy. We won’t talk about how it’s been sitting on my shelf for a month on page thirty (life, y’all, life. It’s a killer).

If you’re looking for a book that will make you laugh-snort and flip through the pages at a ridiculous rate, (seriously, once I picked it back up, I could hardly put it back down) this is a series that you need in your life. Sara Wolf’s writing is hilarious and honest, as well as wonderfully crafted. Keep her on your radar because the Lovely Vicious trilogy is just the beginning.




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