{Feature and Follow Friday} Guess who’s the Follow Friday Feature???

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{Feature and Follow Friday}  Guess who’s the Follow Friday Feature???
Last week I told you the craziest thing I would do for an ARC.  This week's question...

"Create a playlist for a book - or a single song if you don't want to do an entire playlist - Suggested by This Girl Reads A Lot and Bubbly and Bookish"

Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by alisoncanread.com & parajunkee.com

Well I’m not a huge listener of music when I read.  So I’m going to put a little twist on it.  My last two reads, where I truly found myself putting this song on repeat over and over again, were books in the science-fiction genre.  Here are my two reads (the reviews to come soon).

Here is my song on repeat.  Hey, I simply love the whole album!



Now just because I love telling the world about the great things students are doing.  Here is just a sweet teaser of a middle school orchestra that my daughter played in just recently.  Look at what the last song is.  She knew it would bring a smile to my face.  Enjoy!




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6 Responses to “{Feature and Follow Friday} Guess who’s the Follow Friday Feature???”

  1. Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    Congrats on your feature. I don’t listen to music much while reading either. But that was a great clip of your daughter’s orchestra!

    Happy FF! New Bloglovin Follower.
    Cassi @My Thoughts Literally