{Excuse to Read} Summer Read-A-Thon

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We never need an excuse to read.  It just comes naturally for us.  However, from time to time, life calls and we get bogged down in whatever we are doing.  School, work and the list goes on.   We are on page 50 of the book that we were reading  and just never got finished.  Or we stare at our book shelf over and over looking to see what is next to read and the decision is so hard to make.  A title may catch your eye.  One that’s been there for a while maybe read by someone else in the family and it’s waiting for you to pick it out.  That’s when you find every moment you can to read.  This Read A Thon and  “excuse” is going to come in handy.  Such is the case for us.  My list is small (and Outlander is an audio), but I think it still counts.  Enjoy our updates, now through Aug. 4th.  Feel free to grab an “excuse” for yourself and start reading! {Deitre}

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