{Excuse To Read} Summer Read A Thon “Wrap UP”

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This was the first book challenge I’ve done, and it was an eye-opener to the type of reader that I am. I know myself well enough to know that even when I say I’m going to read said book, I will most likely change my mind and read something else. I am, with complete conviction, a mood reader. I can switch back and forth between genres without a worry in the world, but I have a difficult time choosing a list of the things that I’m going to read.

The Excuse to Read-a-Thon made me sit down and read at least one book that I have been putting off—The Heir by Kiera Cass. After reading that book, I’m so glad I did the challenge and am sad to report that I did not get to all of the books that I had intended. I read two complete books and started my third, but I haven’t touched the fourth book on my list. Yes, I am a little disappointed in myself, but I’m also a little giddy inside. Now that the challenge is over, I can go read the new Kelly Creagh book that I got in my hands during the challenge—but I didn’t allow myself to stray—and crack open Isobel and Varen’s story (I’ve been waiting two years for you, Oblivion!). To the book I’m currently reading: don’t be too offended if I put you back on your bookshelf with the bookmark still in place.   Thanks for joining me on this challenge!

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Well….my Summer Read-A-Thon experience , was a good one.  I didn’t finish my books.  But I’m still going at it full blast!  When I finish Keeper of the Lost Cities, I’ll have a surprise for you!  When I picked up a signed copy for myself at our local indie bookstore, I couldn’t help but get an extra one.  So I’ll have that copy featured in a giveaway on the blog real soon!  Happy Reading!


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