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{Cover Reveal |Author Reflection | Giveaway}  Banished by Kimberley Griffiths LittleBansished by Kimberley Griffiths Little
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She thought she’d lost everything . . .

After spending months traveling the harsh, unforgiving Mesopotamian desert, Jayden reunites with a broken, injured Kadesh. Although everyone was convinced the violent and unpredictable Horeb, Jayden’s betrothed, killed the handsome prince, Jayden knew in her heart that her love was alive and safe. But their reunion is short-lived, as they learn Horeb is on their trail and determined to take back the girl he has claimed. Soon, the two star-crossed lovers are on the run toward Sariba, Kadesh’s homeland, where, as heir to the Kingdom, he plans to make Jayden his princess.

But the trek to Sariba is fraught with heartache and danger. After narrowly escaping being stoned to death for a crime she didn’t commit, and learning that her sister has disappeared, Jayden’s only solace is her love for Kadesh. But even he is keeping secrets from her . . . secrets that will change everything.

This gorgeous and enchanting sequel to Forbidden, is full of love, danger, and heated passion that will leave readers breathless.

One of the great things about interviewing authors through a podcast format, is it allows me to truly dig deeper into the writing process for many of our guest.  It amazes me every time, as the process is always different for each individual person.  I remember specifically the level of discussion with Kimberley.  Her theme centered around Forbidden, along with the extensive research and traveling that she did to truly make her novel come to life was very interesting.  This cover of Banished is truly breathtaking.  We can’t wait for it’s arrival! {Deitre}

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“Lush, lyrical, romantic. Forbidden transports readers into a vividly imagined place and time.”

–Claudia Gray, New York Times bestselling author

“The beauty of the desert of ancient Mesopotamia comes to life in Forbidden . . .Your heart will break as you root for Jayden to triumph over the struggles that tear her world apart, and the ending will leave you thirsting for more!”

–Sara B. Larson, author of Defy


What was the hardest part about writing your book?

Oh, practically everything! LOL! Getting the characters right, the romance, the setting, the research—it all takes an enormous amount of time. But it was a true labor of love. I adore this time period and setting and fell in love with my characters and their hurts and pains and triumphs. Even when a lot of bad things happened to my main character, Jayden. :-) But despite all the heartache and loss and nearly being killed by her enemies, Jayden is so strong and determined to do what’s right and to honor her family—as well as save the family she loves with all hear heart.

Because writing has it’s desperate highs and lows and angst and moments of hair-pulling, that’s the reason we must write the stories we’re *called* to write. The stories that WE are passionate about and interested. Because we’re going to spend an awful lot of time in that world as well as trying to “get it right”. {KGL}


Kimberley Griffiths Little

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About Kimberley Griffiths Little


Kimberley Griffiths Little grew up in San Francisco, but now lives in an adobe house on the banks of the Rio Grande with her chaotic, messy family. She’s drunk so much Land of Enchantment water that some of that ancient magic got into her blood and now spurts out her pencil—um, ergonomic keyboard.
Kimberley has slept in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland, sailed the Seine in Paris, walked the beaches of Normandy, ridden a camel in Petra, shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.

P.S. She also writes award-winning middle-grade novels with Scholastic. :-)

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