{BookExpo America-Part 1 | Giveaway} Books, Bloggers and Loads of Fun

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{BookExpo America-Part 1 | Giveaway} Books, Bloggers and Loads of Fun

This is an original post from this morning that I did at Once Upon A Twilight, however in the midst of making room on my book shelves and transferring more pictures from my phone and camera.  I decided to add a little bonus to this repost.  Be sure to enter for a signed copy of Soundless by Richelle Mead.  It was a pleasure meeting her!  Enjoy!

Richelle Mead

No matter how much someone can tell you about how great an event will be and what to expect, nothing can really prepare you until you experience it for yourself.  That my friends would be my experience at BEA.  It’s taken me a little while to get back to my daily routine and recover from endless lines, standing, walking and networking.  However, given the chance to do it again, I’m sure I would.  Oh and one other thing, I can not forget to mention that my wonderful “podcast master” for A Leisure Moment was by my side every step of the way.  I couldn’t have done it without him!

Lastly, I had the opportunity to represent Once Upon A Twilight at two blogger events.  During these gatherings I was able to slow down the pace and truly have a casual conversation with fellow bloggers, authors, and publicists.  All in all, not only were these events recognition for the connection of bloggers and authors, but they represent the commitment to working together to an effort to spread the word about the works of authors to our followers.  So thank you again, Atria Books and Epic Reads for having us.


Atria Book Blogger Event: Deitre with Damaris of Good Choice Reading


Atria Book Blogger Event: Deitre with Authors Colleen Hoover and K.A. Tucker

Epic Reads

Epic Reads Blogger Event: Deitre with Author Carolyn Mackler


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10 Responses to “{BookExpo America-Part 1 | Giveaway} Books, Bloggers and Loads of Fun”

  1. Betul E.

    it’s a great place/way for authors and readers/fans to meet and have their book signed. Also it’s a great way for mainly new authors to get exposure

  2. Sofia T.

    I love book events. You get to meet so many important people such as publishers, authors, other book bloggers and of course you get to find out new books. I can’t believe that you’re giving away Soundless. I love Richelle Mead and I’m sooooo excited for this book to come out :) Thank you!!!!

    • A Leisure Moment

      Hi Sofia…I agree with you completely! These events mean new books on our shelves and a closer look at the authors we love. PS: I have a signed copy for myself. :) My husband attended BEA with me. So what I got, he got too. Looking out for blogger friends and A Leisure Moment readers that couldn’t make it :). Good Luck!

  3. Joanne

    Book signings are so important! Not only does it give the readers the chance to meet their favourite authors, but also to get into their minds a little. I was fortunate enough to meet Becca Fitzpatrick and (while shaking a lot) we discussed all kinds of things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. They also gets loads of new people to read, which is always a good thing!

  4. Diane Elizabeth

    I think events like this are important because it gives people a chance to meet with authors they love and discover new favorites too.

  5. Megan C.

    I look forward to book events so much. Readers (adults and children alike) becoming passionate about meeting authors and reading is so important. Not only do you get to praise the author, but you get to meet so many like-minded people.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I read the chapter sampler of Soundless released for BEA and I’ve been dying to read it since!

    • A Leisure Moment

      Thank you for visiting Megan. I can’t agree with you more. Just yesterday myself and Moriah attended a book signing. It is always so great to get close and personal with authors to really see why they are so passionate about their writing.

  6. Ann S

    Exposure to new authors, the opportunity to hand with people who love books as much as you do, the opportunity to fan girl. Thanks for the giveaway!