{Book Review} This Raging Light by Estelle Laure

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{Book Review} This Raging Light by Estelle LaureThis Raging Light by Estelle Laure
Published by Hachette Children's Group on December 22, 2015
Pages: 320
Format: ARC
Amazon four-stars
Can the best thing happen at the worst time?

Her dad went crazy. Her mom left town. She has bills to pay and a little sister to look after. Now is not the time for level-headed seventeen-year-old Lucille to fall in love. But love—messy, inconvenient love—is what she's about to experience when she falls for Digby Jones, her best friend's brother. With blazing longing that builds to a fever pitch, Estelle Laure's soulful debut will keep readers hooked and hoping until the very last page.

At only seventeen, Lucille Bennett has already been through so much. After her dad went crazy, her mother left her alone with her nine-year-old sister to take care of. The bills and responsibilities start piling up, and she starts struggling to keep her secret until she turns eighteen and can get legal guardianship of her sister. It is not the time for her to fall in love; too bad love doesn’t care about convenience.

This was another one of the BEA finds that Deitre brought back to me. Not only did it have a beautiful cover, the synopsis instantly intrigued me. I honestly didn’t know what I would think about the main character when starting the book, but I liked her. While she did have moments when she broke down and thought about how difficult her life was, she also worked hard to make her situation work in her favor. Since both of her parents had left her alone with a prepubescent sister to take care of, she had to learn how to be an adult—and fast. Love didn’t come easy to a girl who had been abandoned more than once, so her ideas on romantic love were interesting. Digby only complicated things for Lucille, adding an interesting dynamic to her journey.

While she did have her eyes on Digby for most of the book, he complicated things by having a girlfriend. He definitely sent her plenty of mixed emotions, and I had a difficult time deciding whether I liked him or not. Most of the time, I didn’t understand why Lucille still wanted to be with him. He did have his likeable qualities, one of those being that he had a superhero complex. Although, his desire to save others ended up being one of his downfalls.

The way that Lucille met Digby was through his twin sister and her best friend, Eden. When Lucille’s life fell apart, Eden helped her take care of her sister and make sure that her secret stayed a secret. Eden and Lucille were nothing alike, but Eden’s upbeat and positive attitude helped pull Lucille through the worst parts of her despair.

I enjoyed the book, but as it reached the end of the story, I lost some interest in it. It kept my attention because I had to know how the characters ended up, but by the last page I felt dissatisfied. I would have liked to know a little more about what happened in the end, since I like having finality, but the way it ended also fit the story.

Estelle Laure’s debut captivated me. This poignant and engrossing tale of two sisters struggling to have a good life when everything goes wrong will make you think and appreciate even the simplest things in life.

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