{Book Review} This is a Moose By Richard T. Morris

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This is a Moose
Author: Richard T. Morris
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Little, Brown and Company
Copyright 2014


This is a Moose is a funny story about Moose who wants to be an astronaut and a movie director who wants him to only do moose-appropriate things like eat grass and drink from lakes. The illustrations are bold and colorful. The supporting cast of characters make this story even funnier. We meet Moose’s grandmother, who wanted to be a lacrosse goalie when she was younger. We also meet a giraffe that wants to be a doctor. In the end, the movie director, who happens to be a duck, learns to accept and support Moose’s dream to be an astronaut.

I love this story because it reminded me how often I’ve been told what I’m “supposed” to do because I’m a girl or a mom or a librarian. And really, I’ve never been good at doing what I’m “supposed” to do. This story is a great reminder that big things happen when we follow our dreams, instead of doing what everyone else thinks we’re “supposed” to do.



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