{Book Review} The Bling Faires of Junkett Falls by Mauren Sky

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The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls

by Maureen Sky

Paperback, 44 pages
Published April 21st 2014
Xlibris Corporation

Inspired by the author’s knowledge about Bakelite jewelry, Bling Fairies are little creatures that thrive within jewelry boxes. One of them is Velvy, a young teenage fairy preparing to do a “spin” – a coming-of-age event akin to graduation that is all about honor, respect and accomplishment. Along the way, she encounters some very hard situations, but she does not face them alone, for the others come to her aid to help.


I can give this story an A for creativity, however for content, flow, character depth, grammar, and overall appearance I must say there is work yet to be done.  The Bling Fairies has a storyline with promise, however the intended audience is truly missing and confusing.  It was very hard to follow.  I originally thought Bling Fairies was a children’s book, however upon reading, I immediately noticed it was written at the middle level.  So in essence, it has a elementary storyline/theme, that’s written for the middle level student.  There is a lot going on.  If this story is truly meant to be for the younger reader, I would suggest that it be broken into 4 to 5 smaller books.  The illustrations are sprinkled throughout, however do not have a specific flow to the details of the page.  As an educator, it would be hard for me to recommend this book to one of my fellow colleagues, however with a little more polishing up and attention to storylines and cleaner illustrations, it could have some promise.





Maureen Sky is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, who lives in Bernardston, Massachusetts with her husband, Eddie, and their male tiger cat, Grueby. Now retired, she has always been very creative throughout her life – sewing and painting, having won ribbons at local county fairs for her crafts, paintings and others. She worked many years in the public sector as a school secretary for two local high schools. Just recently, she has taken another creative path to become an author. The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls is her first written book, illustrated by her as well.





2 Responses to “{Book Review} The Bling Faires of Junkett Falls by Mauren Sky”

  1. Maureen Sky

    Thank you for your review of my book. I agree with much of what you wrote. Being that I am a new author and The Bling Fairies of Junkett Falls is my first written book, I now see a lot of what I could change and make better. Last winter the book idea came about rather quickly and I did not know that by spring, I would have written and published a book. I may be going the route of polishing it up and changing some things around and then submitting it again. Who knows? All in due time. In the meantime, I am having an absolute blast meeting new authors and book reviewers and such and I have learned so much this past year about the book writing/book publishing and marketing world. Yes, given the creative content, I have raised some eyebrows in that regard and I have even been invited to attend a Pitch Festival this September in LA. I will be working with the ” King of Pitch”, Robert Kosberg. Guess they feel my idea could make a fantastical animated feature film for young people. Having never been to that part of the country before, I will view this event as a once in a lifetime experience that I will always hold dear to my heart as my daughter will be going with me and it will be a great mother/daughter time for us (even if nothing happens with my pitch). Wish me luck!

    I recently joined a Writer’s Group in my area, I am using social media fast and furious and I read and write as much as I can find time for. So, for now, I will take all the reviews and information I have been given and move forward learning and growing each and every day.

    Thanks again,

    Maureen Sky

    • A Leisure Moment

      Ms. Sky,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our post. We look forward to what the future has to bring for you as an author. It truly sounds exciting!