{Book Review} SYLO By D.J. MacHale

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SYLO Author: D.J. MacHALE Reading Level: Young Adult Genre: Dystopian Released: July 2, 2013 Review Source: Publisher Available: Amazon


​​A true storyteller, Mr. MacHale composes a tale within SYLO that reiterates his stance as a top author in today’s literature industry. Filled with his usual suspense and emotional action scenes, a unique world is built to fully capture the reader’s imagination. Also you never seem able to take a break from this book it’s just so fast paced. The writing style makes it seem like a breeze when transitioning between points in the story. The characters also attribute to the illustrious plot by being dynamic and having relatable personalities.

​Which brings us to the fantastic plot that is sure to be the next big feature film. Right from the start we jump into the action with some horror and intrigue. All being the catalyst for a suspenseful rollercoaster of mystery. Main character Tucker Peirce finds himself mystified by sudden happenings in his small town Pemberwick Island. Not much of a go-getter Tucker is thrust in to unimaginable circumstances when the government quarantines his town for unknown reasons. This sends Tucker on a search for answers with his best friend, but what they don’t know is that the truth could end life as they know it. SYLO embodies what truly makes young adult novels great. Basically a coming of age story mixed with a little dystopian, SYLO checks off all the boxes when it comes being. So don’t wait for the movie, definitely read this book as soon as possible. Joshua

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