{Book Review} Protector by Jennifer Tubbiolo

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{Book Review} Protector by Jennifer TubbioloProtector by Jennifer Tubbiolo
Published by Relevant Pages Press on September 15, 2015
Amazon four-stars
Asher Haynes barely survived The Battle of the Gates. He and his friends fought off an assault by the Dark Prince’s demons in the supernatural world while a hurricane was bearing down in the natural. Now he’s being called upon by the Seer Team to join a new battle of good versus evil. This battle will take him far from his Charleston home to the land of pyramids, sorcery, and the burning sand of the Sinai desert. There is one goal: Protect the matteh at all costs.
The matteh, also known as “the rod of Moshe” is a powerful weapon. Three thousand years ago, a warrior named Moshe used it to prevail over the dark magic of Egypt’s sorcerers, horribly curse the land, and free millions of its slaves. Egypt’s sorcery fell to Moshe on that day, never to rise again.
The Order of Heka, an ancient secret society led by descendants of those defeated sorcerers, has been searching for the matteh ever since. Twin brothers now lead The Order and are very close to finding it and fulfilling their ultimate goal: Restore power to Egypt’s sorcery and dominance to its land.
If Asher is unable to protect the matteh and it comes under the control of The Order of Heka, the Dark Prince’s army will be unbeatable. It will mean a sure death for the operatives around the world and ultimately any member of the human race that won’t submit to The Order’s domination. This time, their enemy is not human, the stakes are higher, and the desert is unforgiving.


This is a unique series, and I’m so glad that I got the chance to read the third one! Protector had a slightly different feel than the last two books because Asher seemed like he knew more of what was going on. He had to learn a lot about his role in all of it and finally accepted his fate—but not without a few challenges. First off, his dad, who was one of those characters that everyone has a difficult time liking, didn’t approve of him wanting to join the Seer team. Second, in order to fulfill his destiny he has to go against everything his dad is telling him not to do. He’s in for quite a conundrum, not to mention a trip to Egypt.

In this installment of the series, I spent half the time in Charleston and half the time in Egypt. Tubbiolo did a good job of setting the mood of the story, giving a southern feel but also adding the traveling aspect. Setting and mood are incredibly important to me, and I had no trouble joining Asher on the next leg of his journey, whether it be the streets of Charleston or the desert of Egypt.

Asher, once again, rose to the occasion and took responsibility for a title that he unwillingly accepted. After turning the last page of the book, I can’t wait to read the next one in the series. The villains throughout the series are constantly changing, part of a whole that readers are only given a few pieces of from one book to the next. After reading the first book in the series, Dreamer, I would have said you could read it and not continue the series, though I wouldn’t recommend it. Once you start the third and second book, things start to really heat up, cliffhangers start happening, and you’ll be clicking the books into your cart before you’ve realized what happened.

I’m itching to know what happens between Asher and Maclaine romantically. So close, yet so far from something happening between the two. They have an interesting friendship, but Tubbiolo has leaned towards the notion of a little something more between them, and, honestly, I’d really love for them to kiss already. Although, I’m a hopeless romantic and take heed to the main characters stepping outside of their comfort zones.

When I sat down to write this review, I sat down approximately a dozen times, writing a sentence here and there, backspace, backspace, backspace, and closing the word document, telling myself, “I’ll come back to it later.” I have absolutely no idea why I had such a difficult time writing this review, why my thoughts were not coherent enough to form complete sentence, and have no other explanation but a whirlwind semester and procrastination. Nevertheless, I’m intrigued to see where the rest of the series is headed, and even more interested to see how many more books are going to be in the series.

For fans of Christian fiction or for fans of action and suspense, these books should find a way in your Amazon cart.

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