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{Book Review} Numb by Laura ClarkNumb on September 4, 2015
Pages: 397
Format: eBook
Amazon four-stars
Laila has read that letter a thousand times, and yet she still doesn't believe it. He left too many things unresolved. She desperately wants to find answers, but it's impossible since the one person that can give her those answers is MIA.

Each day melts into the next. Laila tries to keep herself busy, but it's not enough. No matter how hard she tries to forget, there is always something that reminds her of him.

At her very best, Laila is numb.

What happens when Laila is suddenly confronted with her past, and she is forced to make a choice between the boy who owns her heart, and the one that wants to steal it away?

After reading Distraction, I thought I knew whom I would be rooting for in the next book—I was so right. Team Trevor, all the way! After Sam broke Laila’s heart in two, my already negative opinion towards the gorgeous blonde college student only strengthened. Trevor, on the other hand, had my undivided attention. Laila was left numb in the park that day, and Trevor stayed around—with the help of Avery, of course—to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Jumping ahead a few weeks, Numb easily kept me flipping through the pages, needing to see what happened next.

The main reason that I couldn’t resist starting this book the second the author sent me a copy to my Kindle was because I had to know what the note from Sam said. I wish I could say that reading about his unadulterated love for Laila strengthened my opinion of him, but it didn’t. I felt like he was only dragging Laila along, not really promising her a definite future, one where they could be together. Either way, I got more of Trevor in this book, which made me cheer.

So, Laila, if you don’t want Trevor, can I have him? Seriously, those dimples and emerald eyes—I’ll take him off your hands. The book began with Laila spending two weeks at the end of her summer completely alone and downtrodden, but Trevor’s irrevocable flirting and endless texting banter helped the time pass. I knew that their relationship would reach a point of no return, especially considering that Trevor still had a girlfriend, one who happened to be Laila’s best friend. Selfishly, the devious little minion inside of me won and still wanted them to kiss.

Avery and Laila continued to have a wonderful friendship, only wanting the best for each other, even if they didn’t necessarily agree. Not only did Laila’s old friends have a mighty presence in the novel, she made some new connections, such as Marge and Blake, who worked at Brinkley’s Deli. If you’re looking for a strong, independent, and feisty character, look no further, because Marge had it all. She knew what she wanted and gave Laila expert advice on love and life. The moments with Marge were laugh-out-loud hilarious and bound to be full of surprises.

About halfway through the book, Laila made her life a little bit more complicated by having eyes for the new boy in town, Gavin Trotter. Albeit he did have some first place qualities, I still had a difficult time giving him my all. I honestly believe I, along with Laila, couldn’t get over Trevor. (Have I mentioned how much I love Trevor?) However, considering the rollercoaster of a summer that she had, Gavin seemed to be exactly what she needed.

The ending left much to be desired—in a good way—and I would be lying if I didn’t say I made sure, almost erratically, that I had actually finished the book. I must know what happens next; it’s necessary for me to sleep well! Laila has a lot of important decisions waiting for her in the last book, and like me, I don’t think you’ll be able to resist heading back to Westbrook after turning the last page of Numb.

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