{Book Review} Not Okay, Cupid by Heidi R. Kling

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{Book Review} Not Okay, Cupid by Heidi R. KlingNot Okay Cupid by Heidi R. Kling
(Website, Twitter, Goodreads)Series: High School Heartbreakers #1
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC, Entangled Teen Crush on January 11th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Holidays, Love & Romance, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult
Pages: 257
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Amazon four-half-stars
Her wicked revenge, or his wicked heart...Hazel McCallister loves her life. Perfect grades. Perfect best friend. Perfect boyfriend. Until her perfect boyfriend cheats on her with her perfect best friend. Now Hazel’s in free fall—until her best friend’s brother, Felix, gives her the perfect idea. Reclaim her power by taking revenge on her cheating ex. Felix James loves his life. Casual relationships. Loads of surfing. He’s as drama-free as they come. But he can’t stand by when his sister steals her best friend’s boyfriend, and the dude insists it was Hazel’s fault. So Felix vows to help turn Hazel into a girl her ex can’t resist—so then she can break his heart. With an alliance in place, Hazel’s revenge is all but assured. But with each piece of payback, she feels a stronger attraction to Felix, even though revenge will turn her into a girl Felix could never be with. And soon Hazel has to make an impossible choice: revenge...or Felix, the boy who’s stolen her heart. WARNING! This book contains betrayal, revenge, and that most tempting vice of all, the bad boy you know you can't have.

Not Okay, Cupid can be described in three words: romance, renegade, and recommended. Things have always gone well for Hazel McAllister: perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, and a perfect plan for her life—until everything changes in one day. One day is all it takes for her to end up single, without a best friend, and kissing Felix James. Felix James (!), of all people! Now all she wants is revenge, and Felix is offering his services. Unfortunately, the thing she least expects to happen happens, and she finds herself wanting to spend time with her coconspirator instead of with her uptight ex-boyfriend. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and the promise of being crowned Cupid and Psyche on her shoulders, Hazel Basil will have to decide whose arrow has struck her.

Has anyone seen Friday Night Lights? When I thought of Felix James I thought of Tim Riggins, only without the drunken predisposition. The “Player of La Playa” and stereotypical bad boy that didn’t realize he had feelings for the straight A student and his little sister’s best friend until he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Half the story was told through his eyes, so, instead of seeing him as such, I got to learn about his heart and hidden intelligence slowly and surely. Yes, he was the bad boy with the heart of gold, but I loved him for it. Plus, he could cook. The scene with him in a pink apron is permanently etched into my brain in the most hilarious and wanted ways. However, he did know his boundaries, and those shortcomings didn’t fit into Hazel’s plan.

After losing her father a few years ago, Hazel knew that she had to prove to her mother that she could make it when she left home. They had a great relationship, and I always enjoy when an author includes a healthy mother-daughter bond. Instead of having friends to go to, when Hazel lost her best friend, she leaned on her mother. Constantly, she had to remind herself that she was only a teenager and didn’t have to have her life together by the time she graduated, which is one of the main reasons that I liked her. She wanted to have it together so much that it became a need, looking at the burgeoning issue of teens everywhere: having nothing work out as it should or how it was supposed to. With sass and smarts, she’s a character that drove this story forward.

Why did this couple work so well, you ask? Because they were complete opposites! I like the cliché of opposites attracting, another reason that Felix reminded me of Tim Riggins, only with a little more motivation. When it got down to the scheme of things, having everything in common didn’t make for a successful relationship.

For a Valentine’s Day tale of epic proportions, love in all the wrong (or maybe it’s right?) places, and opposites coming together to form a cataclysmic duo, I highly recommend this book! 2016 is looking promising for new releases, and Not Okay, Cupid definitely has a spot on my list.

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