{Book Review} Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent

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{Book Review}   Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent

{Book Review}   Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie LawentMomma Don't You Worry Published by Ladybee Publishing on January 27th 2015
Format: eBook
Amazon three-stars
This illustrated books tells a poetic story from a six year old's viewpoint. His mother worries too much in his opinion, until they go on a shopping trip and he gets a real appreciation for just how right his mom is.

This picture book has a huge message on paying attention to the instructions that are provided to you by your parents.  As if you don’t, there just might be some consequences.  Thankgoodness, this quick read has an ending with a lesson learned.  Although the story line and focus is in the right place, the presentation of the story is one aspect that I had to draw attention to.  It was hard to decipher if the rhyming prose was expected to have correct writing conventions or not.  There were quotation marks and explanation marks sprinkled throughout.  However, no true attention to grammar.  The illustrations and colors within the picture book complemented the storyline, however the colors and design of the cover just didn’t match up with the illustrations inside.  Overall, I believe strongly with a closer look at those components,  not only will parents be able to read this picture book with their kids, but this would be one that I would recommend to my teachers as well, of the younger age.


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