{Book Review} It’s A Book By: Lane Smith

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Author and Illustrator Lane Smith

Published Information


Roaring Brook Press


There are three characters in this book: a monkey, a mouse and a donkey.  The story begins with a monkey reading a book and a donkey walking up with a laptop in hand.  The donkey proceeds to ask the monkey if he can do such things as blog, tweet and scroll with the book.  The monkey patiently answers all of the donkey’s questions by simply stating, “No, it’s a book.”  The donkey borrows the book from the monkey and spends over an hour reading the book.  The monkey finally asks if the donkey will give him the book back.  The donkey says no.  As the monkey leaves to go to the library to get another book, the donkey reassures the monkey that he will charge it up when he’s done.  The mouse speaks up  and says, “You don’t have to.  It’s a book, Jackass.”

I love this book.  Even though I work in a middle school I have a poster of this elementary book hanging up in our school library.  I think folks just need a gentle reminder that in our high tech world- kids sometimes just really need a book.  I read Its a Book tonight to my first grader.  I’m not going to lie.  When the mouse finally speaks up, I didn’t say ‘jackass.’  I’m a prude.  I know.



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