{Book Review} Coraline by Neil Gaiman

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{Book Review} Coraline by Neil GaimanCoraline Movie Tie-in Edition by Neil Gaiman
Published by Harper Collins on October 28th 2008
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Fiction, General, Young Adult
Pages: 176
When Coraline explores her new home, she steps through a door and into another house just like her own . . . except that it's different. It's a marvelous adventure until Coraline discovers that there's also another mother and another father in the house. They want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to keep her forever! Coraline must use all of her wits and every ounce of courage in order to save herself and return home.

Coraline has been sitting on my shelf for about two years. When I worked in the school library during my free period during my senior year in high school, I snatched up a copy that was about to be discarded. Taking this class has given me a productive excuse to pick up this book and enjoy it for all that it is.

And it is something.

I can see why it has won a Hugo, among other awards that one can barely even begin to add to the list of Neil Gaiman literature, and offers a wonderful and admirable adventure for kids. Surprisingly, besides his children book The Wolves in the Walls, also illustrated by Dave McKean, this is my first Neil Gaiman book. I’ve seen the movie Stardust a few times and wish that I had that book in my hands, especially after finishing this one. While I can see why children would enjoy this book, it is not just a children’s book. One section particularly stood out to me, the one with her father and the hornets, and I even connected the content to a story in my science fiction lit class, Flowers for Algeron, an adult science fiction story.

Why haven’t I read Neil Gaiman before? He has a masterful way of telling stories with heart, and he has plenty to chose from. Coraline has heart and useful lessons for children about family, life, and loyalty. I highly suggest this book to anyone who loves genuine stories and wonderful adventures.

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