{Blog Tour | Review | Giveaway} Under the Spotlight by Angie Stanton

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{Blog Tour | Review | Giveaway} Under the Spotlight by Angie Stanton

{Blog Tour | Review | Giveaway} Under the Spotlight by Angie StantonUnder the Spotlight by Angie Stanton
(Website, Blog, Facebook, Goodreads)Published by HarperCollins on May 5th 2015
Genres: Humorous Stories, Love & Romance, Music, Performing Arts, Young Adult
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
AmazonBarnes and Noble four-stars
After an embarrassing stint on a reality-TV music competition years ago, Riley vowed never to sing again. Now she's behind the scenes, working at the prestigious Sound Sync recording studio, and life is looking up. But then Garrett Jamieson, the oldest brother in the famous Jamieson brothers band, crashes into her world.Garrett has hit rock bottom, and he is desperate to reinvent himself. After calling in a few favors, he ends up working at Sound Sync to learn the ropes of record producing from the industry's best. And he can't believe his luck when he discovers that Riley has been keeping a secret—she is an amazing singer. By producing her album, he's sure to top the record charts again. But Garrett is forced to use every trick in his arsenal to persuade the sassy girl to record.Riley refuses to sing—or even entertain the thought of it—and sparks fly as Garrett finally meets his match. But in the heat of the moment, one stolen kiss changes everything. Will Riley be the first person to finally rein Garrett in, or will Garrett succeed in getting Riley back under the spotlight?

Her time on Chart Toppers was all the time Riley Parks needed under the spotlight to understand just how much pressure showbiz is. Now she works for one of the top-producing industries in the country—behind the mic instead of in front of it. Then Garret Jamieson walks in one day and takes away her opportunity to run the soundboard for one of the most popular bands they represent. Garret is just looking for a new start after the band broke up three months ago, and his dad thinks this is the best way to make a name for himself. These two are a fiery combination and working together will prove to be difficult when they both have different ideas of success. It will be a long, grueling journey, but can they make it work long enough to bask in the spotlight, or will they get burned?

The third and final conclusion to The Jamieson Collection did not disappoint. If you read the two books prior to this one, then you would understand how Stanton portrayed Garret. He was the villain that you were supposed to hate, and his actions didn’t make it difficult to dislike him. This book showed a completely different side to the angst-ridden rocker gone astray—but it also showed the side to Garret that I had come accustomed to. His story was a learning experience, since he had to accept that the person he had originally been and the person he was becoming were two entirely different people.

The leading lady in this book, Riley Parks, had a big influence on our wayward rocker. She challenged him in everything he did, making him rethink his choices and actions towards other people. I enjoyed this book more than the second one in the series and thought that Riley had more likeable traits than Marti from the beginning. Riley had a similar story to the girls in the first two books, almost as if the author combined them to make a new girl in the series. Still, it proved that the brothers were more alike than they had realized and showed how they had worked so well together as a band for five years.

Garret and Riley had an interesting love story that started with a mutual distaste. They went down an interesting road to find what they liked about one another that spanned deeper than how they could help each other out. In order for them to truly make it work, they had to dig deeper than which song they thought sounded best on an album (the opinionated things) and understand the reasons behind each other’s actions. The most interesting part of their love story was reading how they both saw each other. When their love reached its peak, they had similar thoughts; and when they both hated the other it was with the same resilience. It may not have been a love that I would wish for, but having a lonesome rock star to pick the broken Riley Parks back up again was definitely entertaining.

When I first read the synopsis of this book I didn’t realize that it concluded a series. I’m not one to read books out of order, so when I found the first two books for a super cheap price, I was reading the estimated arrival time for shipment not soon after. You don’t have to read these books in order to understand what is going on, but I highly recommend it in order to get the full Jamieson experience.

I had so many questions when this book ended! Is the band going to get back together? How are Peter and Adam’s relationships with Libby and Marti? Will they be able to survive without being in a band together? Even though these questions may never get answered, I enjoyed going on this journey with all three boys and their girls. Once you fall for a Jamieson brother, you’re hooked!

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Angie Stanton never planned on writing books—she wanted to be a Rockette. However, growing up in rural America with her brothers’ 4-H pigs as pets, she found that dance didn’t quite work out. Instead, she became an avid daydreamer. After years of perfecting stories in her head, she began to write them down, and the rest is history. When not writing, she loves watching natural disaster movies, going to Broadway musicals, and dipping French fries in chocolate shakes.

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