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In this delightful follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Duck & Goose and Duck, Duck, Goose, Duck wants to go on an adventure. Goose doesn’t. He doesn’t see the point. After all, why would they go anywhere when they’re happy right where they are? But then Goose sees the ocean and loves it. Who doesn’t? Well, Duck, for one!

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Wow, don’t be deceived by this little picture book.  Duck and Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills, took me way back.  To my first year straight out of college and into a kindergarten classroom.  Oh the memories.  Of tying shoes, opening ketchup packages, the list goes on, but above them all reading with expression.  I’m not embarrass to say.  I read this book out loud to myself with different voices for each character, and let’s just say I should’ve recorded it.  I saw myself, in this book.  I am the little Goose.  However, I’m thankful for my sidekick (darling hubby) who is Duck, that pushes me on.

“We could go on an adventure!” Duck said.

“An adventure?  That sounds scary,” Goose honked.

Duck is ready.  Ready to go.  Ready to play, ready to walk, ready to be adventurous.  Goose on the other hand, is ready to relax, ready to dream, ready to simply sit back and enjoy what life brings us.  (Ok so maybe I’m not as timid or laid back as Goose).  With every suggestion of activity that Duck makes, Goose is not so sure he wants to participate.  However, Duck urges him on in his own special way.  Once they begin their adventure, and the natural sites along the way, they finally reach the beach.  The place we all want to visit in the summer.  They relax, they enjoy life, they enjoy each other’s friendship

Tad Hills has written a story that children can relate to.  The dialogue is perfect.  Even if the words were missing  from the pages of the text, the illustrations would continue to tell the same sweet story.  He captured the meaning of friendship, with his words and his artistic ability through the eyes of two best friends.


About the Author

Tad Hills grew up in Norwell, Massachusetts, with a love of wildlife and nature. Surrounding his childhood home were many acres of fields and forests where he and his brother and sister would explore, build forts out of sticks and hay, and pick blueberries and grapes. His mother taught 4th-grade science for the Audubon society and often brought home animals. Raccoons, snakes, owls, and turtles were common guests in their house. His love of nature and wildlife is reflected by his favorite books from his childhood: Robert McCloskey’sBlueberries for SalThe Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward, and chapter books by Thornton Burgess.

All of the grown-ups in his life encouraged Tad’s creativity. He spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who was also an artist. They made books, drew and painted pictures, visited galleries and museums, and sat in her garden. She encouraged Tad to look at the world from different angles. She was delighted when, instead of seeing a pansy, he saw a monkey’s face, or instead of a puddle of spilled milk, he saw an elephant. She marveled at his art and, although she was an accomplished painter, wished that she could paint like him–a notion he understands well today. “Every day I wish that I could make art with the simplicity and fearlessness that my kids do.


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