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Mini reviews for your reading pleasure.  I’m so glad that Jennie has joined us for the summer!  She is a speed reader indeed!  Enjoy!

 The Arrow Finds It’s Mark: A Book of Found Poems  ed. Georgia Heard  (4 stars)

This is a great book full of found poems from a variety of resources including twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and much more! I loved the creativity of all of the poems and will definitely be using this in my classroom. Such a fun poetry book!


I Kill the Mockingbird by Paul Acampora (5 stars)

I love the tag-line of this book… “Three passionate readers, one required summer reading list, and a harmless little tweet = ONE UNSTOPPABLE LITERARY REVOLUTION.” Michael, Lucy and Elena’s goal was to get everyone to read the required reading To Kill A Mockingbird but they got much more than they bargained for! This is a great novel that will definitely fly off of my shelf and I can’t wait to hear what my students (and friends) think about this one!


A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park (5 stars)

We have been having major water woes in our hometown (dirty, nasty tasting water and one day we even had NO water).  This book was just what I needed to put things into perspective.  Water is one of those things that most of us take for granted because it we have quick, easy access to it daily. This novel is based on the true story and reminds us that determined survivors will find the future they are hoping for no matter what may come their way.


12 Rounds to Glory: The Story of Muhammad Ali by Charles R. Smith Jr. (5 stars)

While this may look like a picture book, it is much more than that when you turn the pages. This Coretta Scott King Award winning book has amazing illustrations and is written in verse. I loved how the story of one of the greatest athletes in history is written in a way that brings readers in and allows us to see his story through new eyes. Definitely one that will be well loved by many!


When Edgar Met Cecil by Kevin Luthardt (4 stars)

This is a cute book about moving to a new place and all the fears that come with it. Moving can be scary to anyone, but especially when everyone looks so different and acts so different. Edgar didn’t want to leave everything behind, but he found out that moving wasn’t so bad in the end when he met Cecil.


You’ve Got Dragons by Kathryn Cave (4 stars)

We all worry about things and sometimes our fears can take on a life of their own. In this magnificent story, a little boy has to learn how to handle the dragons when they show up so that someday they will go away all together. This is one I will definitely be reading again to my children and to my students. Don’t let your dragons take you away!


Picnic by John Burningham (4 stars)

This is a cute interactive book that is done in a classic children’s book style that I love. After a boy and a girl decide to go on a picnic, they meet all sorts of animals along the way and lose several things which makes for an interesting picnic indeed.


The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark by Carmen Agra Deedy (5 stars)

Another great one from Deedy! This is a fantastic book that is a great introduction to King Christian X and how much he was loved and respected by his people. He was an amazing leader and it is no wonder that he was so loved by his people. This will be a great read for anyone!




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