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Today we have some more awesome and amazing reads from Jennie with Random Chalk Talk.  She is really taking her book a day reading to the highest level possible.  Just look at what she accomplished last week!  My favorite on the list Ish by Peter Reynolds.

June 21- novels

Ratings4starAudition by Stasia Ward Kehoe

This is a book written in verse about high school junior Sara, who moves to New Jersey to persue her dream of dancing. She moves in with one of the school’s instructors and his family and leaves everything behind. Her plans take a turn when one of the stars of the school, Rem, takes interest in her. He’s 22 and she’s 16, but she doesn’t let that deter her attraction. This is a book that was good, but I did find some parts of it were slower than others. It is a modern day coming of age which is definitely something that girls can relate to…loving the bad boy and deciding if he’s really worth it!

Ratings5starCaminar by Skila Brown

Another book written in verse (I must have had a theme at the beginning of the week), but this one is set in Guatemala in 1981. Carlos is a boy who is having to decide what it truly means to become a man in a time of war. I LOVED this book. I cannot wait to share it with my students because it is so beautifully written. The verse varies in structure throughout the book which makes it so powerful. You are able to feel Carlos emotions throughout the book and it is simply amazing!

Ratings5starCode Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

This book is one that I started to read earlier, but put it down because I knew I needed time to read it. Last week, it was one of the free audiobook downloads from Audiobooksync.com and I scooped it up! I am so glad I did!!! World War 2 was a time of spying, lying, and hiding and this book tells the story of one such spy who was captured and tortured for information. The book is in two parts from separate character’s points of view which put all the pieces of the story together! AMAZING…  that is the only word I have!

Ratings4starThe Theory of Everything by J. J. Johnson

I so enjoyed this book. Sarah’s best friend Jamie died last year in a freak accident and though everyone has told her she should be over it (not in so many words, of course) she just isn’t there yet. She is hilarious throughout the book and sooooo sarcastic! She has provided readers with hilarious charts and graphs to explain things which make the story that much better. Sometimes author’s struggle to make teenagers seem authentic, but J.J. Johnson has mastered the skill!!

June 21- Picture books


Ratings5starBluebird by Bob Staake

This is a fantastic book that is great for all ages! This book explores so many themes without any words… at all! The themes of loneliness, bullying, and the importance of friendship will keep readers captivated as they travel with the bluebird as his budding friendship with a young boy. Loved it!

Ratings4starNight of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story by Hena Khan

Yasmeen is a seven year old Pakistani-American girl who is celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. In this beautiful picture book, readers are able to see more about what Ramadan is, why it is celebrated and learn more about the Muslim culture. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and my children did too. It lead to a great conversation about the different cultures and holidays!

Ratings5starIsh by Peter H. Reynolds

Sometimes we forget what our words have the potential to do to others. Ramon loved to draw until his brother makes a comment about his drawings. Ramon puts his passion aside until his little sister shows him a different way to view the world.  Another great book from the creator of The Dot that all readers will love.

Ratings4starThe Blue Ribbon Day by Katie Couric

As children, disappointment comes often as we try to find out who we are. Ellie McSnelly and Carrie O’Toole are back at it again in this story which shows children of all ages how sometimes we do get disappointed, but those disappointments can lead to amazing things. This is a fantastic book to share with children and show them how to combat those sure to come disappointments in life!

Ratings4starBig Fat Hen by Keith Baker

Cute book that takes the “one, two, buckle my shoe” to a new audience with fantastic illustrations. My four year old and I enjoyed reading this one together and laughing at the antics of the hen and all of the chicks!


My stack is growing by leaps and bounds for this week, so we will see how it goes!! Happy reading!


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