{A Product Highlight} It’s that time of year…

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{A Product Highlight} It’s that time of year…

{A Product Highlight} It’s that time of year…
Well it’s that time of year. As I scroll through my FB newsfeed, I’m seeing sprinklings of Christmas decorations and even trees fully adorned with lights and bulbs.  I will admit the car does have Christmas music playing.  I just can’t resist it when the radio stations start so early too.

When asked to take a look at the unique site Minted, specifically the Christmas cards, I immediately thought, well this will be a first. My card search usually occurs 1 to 2 weeks before the big day.   However, it looks like I’ll be starting earlier this year.  I glanced through the website, especially the cards and found many templates already created.  The only thing missing would be your personal and featured image to top off an already beautiful design.

Below are a couple of my favorites. I would most likely take it a few steps further and get my youngest to draw a picture, to add even more of a special touch while at the same time utilizing his love for the visual arts.  So don’t be like me and wait until the last minute.  Allow Minted to get your creative juices flowing, with very limited work on your part.

All this talk of Christmas has me searching my shelves for that next Holiday inspired read! Enjoy! {Deitre}



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