{A Mid-Week Moment} and Giveaway

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Can you believe it, your teen reviewer Josh has some big decisions to make. I can’t believe that graduation is quickly approaching and he will be heading out to the big world without his parents looking over his shoulders. He will no longer hear me say, “where is your review Josh, Yara needs to post it!” He won’t be there to open up the boxes of books that we get to sift through and see who gets what. I guess it will just be me doing that, unless I recruit the siblings to take over his place and Yara’s younger one as well. We have to start them at some point. So I’ll give you a hint of his choices. Which one do you think he will choose? (Leave a comment below, we would love to see your guesses.)

Lastly, A Leisure Moment has been very busy. I can’t even try to take all the credit, but my wonderful husband wanted to try his hand at podcasting and the rest is history. I’m so grateful that authors have taken the time to speak with us and have a casual conversation about their love for literature. Recently we attended The Lovestruck Tour and boy are you going to be in for a treat. OUaT and A Leisure Moment is giving away a signed copy of one of the books from the signing. This is what we need you to do. You can head on over to iTunes or Stitcher, subscribe to the podcast, listen to some amazing discussions and leave us a review. It’s that easy. I must say that you will feel like you were right there with us. As a bonus when you sign up for the giveaway, we will automatically include you in on our custom newsletter that A Leisure Moment puts together about twice a month. For your convenience I’ve added the links to our latest podcasts and author conversations. Be sure to check them out! Until next time… Happy Reading (and Listening) Deitre

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