{A Leisure Moment with Moriah} Panned by Moriah Chavis

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{A Leisure Moment with Moriah}  Panned by Moriah Chavis

I wrote a book. Wait, did I read that right? Do those letters really look like that when put together, almost an entire year of sobbing over my laptop and talking to the voices in my head more than real people? I guess so, because I managed to get out almost 70,000 of those words and keep my fingers—and mind—in tact. It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done—until I started querying, and then I realized that writing one page of “why you want my book” is worse. I haven’t even stepped in the world of publishing yet, and I’m already realizing how marvelous and terrifying it is. I tip my hat at those that self-publish, because I don’t understand how you do it, and I do the same for those that have already been published traditionally. You guys are even more awesome than the reader who became a writer (nope, still doesn’t look right) realized when she took your book off the shelf and fell in love with worlds and people who didn’t exist.

Truth is, I look at this story, at the characters that I molded into something new, and I’m still shocked that I wrote that. The characters seem like real people, and though Panned is a YA fantasy retelling, centered around J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, I get lost in what’s happening myself and tend to talk about scenes and chapters like they really happened. They didn’t, but Maggie holds a part of me, maybe even a part I didn’t know existed until she showed up on paper.

I hope you enjoy flying to Neverland as much as I enjoyed discovering this journey.

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You can read Moriah’s Panned by going to Swoon Reads.  Just click on the picture above.  There you will find my review as well.  I feel honored to have been one of the first readers of Moriah’s work.

It’s been awhile since I’ve hosted an A Leisure Moment giveaway and as I work on this post, I’m looking at my book shelf and wondering what is next in line to give away to our loyal readers.  My eyes are quickly drawn to a signed copy of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials a Collector’s Edition.   I was able to snatch this beauty up at BEA last year.  Remember the hubby and I worked as a team.  2 of everything.  So it’s signed and untouched. So join me in celebrating Moriah’s accomplishment.  I’m so excited for her!


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    • Moriah

      Thanks, Dianna! I hope you enjoy reading it! I do have an basic idea of the next book, but I haven’t written much on it, though I do know how it ends. I’m currently going through another round of edits of PANNED and working on something different. 🙂